The Elementary School Partnership

~ Engage student learning like never before!
~ Enable the full capacity of teachers and enhance the culture of your school
~ Address the profound developmental needs and challenges of children growing up in a digital world

This is not a one-off program! Our goal is to be a supportive partner as you embed our 2 key philosophies into your everyday educational practice. The result? Students are more active, engaged, creative, confident and connected, which research has shown makes them better learners.

Equally Engage the BODY, BRAIN & BEING while learning
Promote UNITY & INDIVIDUALITY in the classroom
~ The Groove EDGEucation Philosophies

How it Works...

Step 1: The Activation - (suitable for K-8 students with 3--4 classes participating at a time): In this highly engaging, inclusive community builder students practice positive character traits while developing their physical literacy, executive functioning skills and social/emotional learning  . A feel good session where students leave the gym not only sweaty, but with giant smiles on their faces feeling confident, creative  and connected to their community. This is your schools first taste of learning by doing the “Groove EDGEucation” way. Numeracy and Literacy material is integrated throughout the Activation as well as additional character education components especially powerful for intermediate students. This event ignites the whole school community with anticipation for teachers to bring the Groove EDGEucation approach into their classrooms on an ongoing basis.

Step 2: Teacher Professional Development and Training - Here teachers will learn the benefits of The Groove Pedagogy and how to integrate it into their daily teaching practice using the Groove EDGEucation’s Online/ In class Teacher Resources.  This learning opportunity is both inspiring and a great way to build camaraderie among staff (trust us, you'll be amazed how much fun they have together) .  All teachers should attend this training as there is resource material available for everyone. Held after school for a minimum of 1 hour (1.5 is ideal), but timing is flexible to suit your needs. 

Step 3: Online Resource Access Support - All teachers receive access to the Elementary School Online/In class Resource Starter Package. This includes resources for Numeracy, Literacy, Dance Curriculum, H&PE and Kindergarten. Resources are aligned with curriculum and adaptable for Grade 1-8, supporting teachers to embed integrated learning into their practice while staying time on task in their subject blocks. Activity/Lesson PDFs, Video Tutorial and Music are included! Yes, you read that right...the music is included!! CLICK HERE to preview the Online Library Website.

Step 4: Continued Support - We know how full teachers plates are, and want to make it as easy as possible for teachers to continuously implement the resources in their classrooms. To keep you in the Groove (pun intended), teachers will receive weekly video emails (for 18 weeks) previewing lessons and activities to try with their students. The resource library also has a discussion session making it easy for teachers to communicate, share ideas and feedback with us and each other. All of this support helps to sustain the energy and impact of our approach long after we’ve visited your school.

Year 2 and Beyond!
Following the first year, your school will experience themed Groove Student Activators. These school events are just like the activators experienced in the first year, but have a focused theme and come with new resource material and a refresher teacher training. Upcoming themes include: “Canada! Our Home and Groovy Land” (piloted Spring/Fall 2017 for Canada 150+ celebration).



– Up to 18 classes can participate in the day. We can have a maximum of 5 activators with 3-4 classes in each. For schools over this population size, we will run the activators over 2 days.


– Cost is based on school population. Please fill in the form below with your school info and we’ll be back in touch with a customized quote.


– After over nearly a decade facilitating student assemblies at schools and working at the board/district level to distribute our resources, we realized that our impact on schools although profound, was temporary and circumstantial. And more importantly, our service was not addressing the real demands and needs of both students and teachers. We have made huge leaps forward to amplify our approach and its long-term impact by connecting the Groove Experience you are used to in the gym, with the online/ in class teacher resources for Literacy and Numeracy. We PROMISE: your school experiences the same high energy, engaging assembly but it is now a richer more discursive learning experience for both students and teachers, and demonstrates the connectivity and impact of our approach. We then augmented the training and support teachers receive to feel confident integrating the Groove into their classrooms using the online/in class resources for long term, sustainable implementation. The result is undeniably more powerful: we are truly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn.

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